what the critics say...

It sounds crazy on paper, but using acrobatics to teach maths and physics somehow makes sense when you see it tumbling before your eyes.
Corey Hague, ABC

Teacup Tumble’s performance wowed the students. The science concepts were delivered through circus tricks and the kids were engaged and fascinated. From Prep right through to grade 6, the students were enthralled and inspired. 
Sarah Childe – Brunswick East Primary School Teacher

I learned the sonic boom was the fastest 
Nathan, 7

I liked being a volunteer and it was funny 
Harriet 8

I learned that Professor Wild is an idiot 
Jessica 6

It's Not Circus, It's Science was an engaging, highly skilled, tightly crafted and relevant addition to the 2009 science week launch. Two brilliant, comical characters dazzled the audience with quality circus tricks and gripping science demos.
Staging this production was a smooth and easy process; Teacup Tumble are a pleasure to work with and communicate promptly and clearly. 
Beth Askam, CSIRO event manager

My daughter (8yo) and I loved It’s Not Circus, It’s Science.  The whole school assembly was completely engaged throughout the performance.  [My daughter] and her friends were talking about it for days later! 
Teresa Blake, parent 

Professor Wild is the wildest scientist I have ever, ever, ever, ever encountered!
Hannah - nine year old blogger
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