We Got Funding!!

Teacup Tumble is thrilled to announce that we have received funding for two projects! 

The first project is to perform It's Not Circus, It's Science at the Warnambool Fun4Kids festival in July 2014, in partnership with the Warnambool Shire Council. 

The second is to create a whole new show: Dimensional - a Fusion of Maths, Circus and Teenagers in partnership with the Bendigo Discovery Centre and a group of local high school students. 

We are really excited to have this opportunity to try out new show development ideas that bring together science, performance and local communities. We are also really pleased to have external support to continue the work we have put into It's Not Circus, It's Science

Both projects are Inspiring Australia initiatives supported by the Australian Government through the Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education.